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Bird Sexing - from Feathers


DNA sexing from feathers

$19.90 per bird (when sending us 1-4 samples of bird feathers)


$17.90 per bird (when sending us 5+ samples of bird feathers)


DNA sexing from feathers was established as an alternative method of sample collection instead of blood. This sexing method simplifies the process by eliminating some complications such as bleeding, but at the same time ensuring a 99.9% of accuracy.


Feathers for avian DNA testing must be physically plucked; molted feathers cannot be used for this test since the DNA is contained in the tissue, at the base of the feather.


Please follow the steps below to complete the feather collection for the bird sexing test:


Bird Sexing

Two feathers should be pulled from each bird (prefer feathers from wing and/or tail). Pull firmly and quickly and place the feathers into the envelope or bag.


Please make sure feathers are pulled from the bird and not picked up from the ground. If the feather contains blood, please let it dry before placing it in the bag/envelope.

You can take any feather but as a general rule, try to take them between 2-4 inches long.
Bird Sexing  
Bird Sexing

Label an envelope or zip-lock plastic bag for each of the birds that are to be sexed.

You need to include some form of identification.
The identification can be the bird’s name or number, e.g. Luke 326, L89, Petey, etc.

DNA envelope
The Label should show some form of identification.
Bird Sexing
Bird Sexing

Complete the form with all the requested information regarding the birds that are to be sexed.



Download the order form in PDF.

DNA form
Bird Sexing
Bird Sexing

Post the bags/envelopes to us with the completed form and payment.


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DNA envelopes
DNA Sexing results card will be issued for each of the birds.









Bird Sexing

Bird Sexing


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